Shall we start with drinks?

camden stone and wood

We’re hugely excited to have a limited supply of Camden versus Stone & Wood, the latest in the Camden Versus Series. We think it’s fantastic, super light and easy drinking, perfect company for one of our burgers… but enough from us, here’s what Camden have to say.

“We’ve been waiting for ages to do a collaboration beer with these young iconic craft brewers from Australia. When an opportunity finally came up to work together with our old friends, we all jumped on it.

With a nod to only Australian hops, we needed to make sure we got them fresh, so when Stone and Wood’s brewmaster flew over to brew with us, he stowed them away in his luggage to bring them to us. Now that’s fresh!

Using only juicy, fruity hops, expect this to be a fruit explosion with flavours and aromas of mango, pineapple and papaya. This is the perfect summertime drink, bringing Australia to the UK.”

If you fancy a taste get down and see us soon, once it’s gone it’s gone (and it’s fast becoming a staff favourite)


Shall we start with drinks?

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